With Galatea's unique Diamond in a Pearl design, you get two timeless gems in one exquisite piece! At Osborne Jewelers, we are pleased to offer this line of distinctive jewelry from a most fascinating designer, Chi Galatea Huynh.

It was considered a privilege and honor to apprentice with Chi's father, a talented and widely respected jeweler in his home country. Chi was more than willing to tolerate the six months or so spent cleaning the shop, polishing and making jump-rings. "Progress" meant spending day after day making simple wedding bands, only to be asked to melt them down and start over because they weren't round enough!

Chi recounts that, "the great mystery of why he was so hard on us was finally revealed to me the day he said 'If you want to be a good jeweler it takes skill and repetition. To be a 'great jeweler' also requires patience, dedication, courage, and a special love for your trade. Having these qualities makes you worthy to work in my shop'."

Today, Galatea employs more than jewelers; they have an Olympic team of designers and craftsman, all of whom share this philosophy and love for their trade. Each design is sketched by hand and then sculpted, detailed, and finished to the highest standard of an old world Artisan, combined with new inventive techniques developed at Galatea. All Diamond in a Pearl designs come with a certificate to ensure its craftsmanship and authenticity and are packaged in a cherry wood jewelry box.

When it comes to inspiration for his designs, Chi says that his "inspiration comes from nature. I toss a pebble into a pond and watch the ripples gently and pleasantly hypnotize me for hours…I watch a child hold a flower innocently in her hands as she watches a butterfly dance in the garden. At these moments nature shares and reveals to us the secret of natural beauty. To me, art is like music, the musician understands key, melody, composition, etc. This enables him to create music rather than noise. Likewise, I have come to understand line, light, shape, color, texture, and the mystic harmony of their relationship in creating music for the eyes."

Galatea carefully chooses its authorized retailers, based in part on their location and clientele. They expect their authorized retailers to use the best efforts to preserve and enhance the image of Galatea's originality, artistry, and the good will associated with that name and philosophy. As such, Osborne Jewelers is proud to be selected as an authorized retailer of for Galatea.
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