Simon G

Simon G

Simon G.: Quality and Tradition to Last a Lifetime

For over 30 years, Simon G – the man and the brand – have made more than just jewelry: they’ve made memories. Combining old world romance and modern techniques, making each piece glamorous yet timeless, The Simon G. Jewelry collection has defined affordable luxury for decades. Simon G. Jewelry understands the importance of fine jewelry. Whether given as a gift to commemorate a special occasion or to celebrate the love of a lifetime, such an investment is imbued with personal value.

This is why the details of our jewelry matter. We make sure every aspect of a ring is perfect- even the parts underneath the diamond or on the back of a setting. Simon G.'s designs take inspiration from the best of jewelry history with delicate filigree, hand engraving, and intricate details. Nowhere else can you find such a range of designs with such unique details and remarkable beauty. We take pride in creating beautiful wearable works of art to represent love for a lifetime.

Simon G’s Mission is to stand for commitment as an aspirational and powerful force that isn't just earned, but shared as well; making the union of partners (and partnership behind a union) a topical thread within the greater moral fabric that Simon G. can confidently champion.

Simon G. believes that a proposal isn’t a question, it’s a declaration – “we’re in this together” – of net betterment through connection and sacrificing, where magically or matter-of-factly 1+1 = 3; an added value of love that only a brand that itself has stayed committed could truly know.
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